sexta-feira, 27 de maio de 2016

Sobre julho

I keep picturing the moment when you will find out that you love me. I know it will be soon and I can imagine exactly the look on your face. You will be holding something, like a cup of coffee or an ice cream, if it's a hot day, but I think it will be the coffee. I will be on your couch and you will be in the kitchen, I will be looking at you. Then I will laugh. You will look at me and won't laugh back, will just make the most surprised face you can and will drop the cup, I will laugh even more because I just can't deal with those silly and cute things that you do, it's too much. I will get up and come closer, you will never look so pretty as in that moment. For the first time you won't even matter if the floor is dirty or not, your surprised face will slowly turn into a smile, the most beautiful smile I will ever see. We will hold each other and you won't be able to say a word, will just shed a single tear. And then I will whisper in your ear: "me too".